Shibden and District Bridleways Association is a not-for-profit volunteer run group
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Shibden and District Bridleways is also open to Cyclists and some of our members are keen mountain bike riders. We hope to develop our links with more cyclists because of the benefits that are gained from going off road. Our treasure hunts are already attracting mountain bike riders. If you are a mountain bike rider why not consider joining us? We are looking for enthusiastic cyclists who can develop longer map routes and encourage other bikers to join.

If you are using a bridleway on a mountain bike please consider horses out of courtesy and safety. Slow down and make yourself known, especially if you are approaching from behind. Horses can spook if they do not recognise a silent shape coming towards them. One of our committee members once had his bike trampled by his wife’s horse in the middle of the road!  Click here to download a free guidance leaflet


We would like to involve more cyclists. If you are a cyclist or a bike group we’d love to hear from you.