Shibden and District Bridleways Association is a not-for-profit volunteer run group
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Below are current projects to upgrade ridden routes to bridleways. You can help Shibden and District Bridleways lobby the council by filling in an evidence form. This tells the council that a route is or has been used by horseriders and cyclists and may help keep the right of way open. Please feel free to download the generic evidence form below together with the relevant map and guidance sheet.  Both evidence form and map must be signed and dated before being returned to us (not the Council).  The guidance sheet gives helpful tips and hints to ensure the evidence gathered is as accurate and useful as possible. If you need assistance filling it in just contact us.


Download our evidence forms for assisting with our ongoing work with Calderdale Council.

Download Boggart Lane map

Download Boggart Lane guidance sheet

Download generic evidence form

Evidence Form v2.2.pdf Boggart Lane.pdf Evidence form guidance sheet.doc

Download Chelsea Valley map.

Chelsea valley map.pdf

Download Chelsea Valley guidance sheet

Evidence form guidance sheet.doc

Download Sowden Lane map.

Sowden Lane map.pdf

Download Sowden Lane guidance sheet

Evidence form guidance sheet.doc

Download Stoney Lane guidance sheet

Stoney Lane evidence guidance sheet.pdf

Download Coach Road map.

Coach Road Map.pdf

Download Coach Road guidance sheet

Coach Road Evidence form guidance sheet.doc

Download Stoney Lane map

Stony Lane map example.pdf PRW1 User Evidence Form.pdf

Download Hazelhurst, Shibden Map

Download Hazelhurst, Shibden form

Hazelhurst Evidence form guidance sheet.pdf

Download Hazelhurst, Shibden guidance